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Break Stigma of Psoriasis 「屑屑絲語」婦女節行動 

Upon International Women's Day, we collaborated with the Hong Kong Psoriasis Patients Association to run a campaign “SIS’WORDS (屑屑絲語)”, inviting 4 female celebs Coffee Lam, Tse Ying Suet, Karen Cheng and Rosa Maria Velasco to each pair up with a psoriasis patient/ caregiver to participate in an artistic photoshoot, and share their stories with beauty, strength and love.

The pairs threw flour to each other during the photoshoot to imitate the daily situation faced by psoriasis patients. Bringing positive impact to the community has always been our vision. We hope this campaign could raise public awareness on this always misunderstood disease, and more importantly, break the stigma.

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