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City Dress Up : Seats Together

City Dress Up : Seats Together is the largest scale public art project ever organized by the Art Promotion Office. The project was held throughout 18 districts in Hong Kong at 20 different locations where 5 guest curations, 20 groups of 49 architects, designers and visual artists researched and designed 20 public chairs, specific to each of the location and its users.

It was not an easy task to manage this particular production involving 50+ parties and 20+ shooting locations over the course of 6 months. Meticulous pre-production planning was extremely crucial to the consistency of the series. Our project management team worked hand in hand with the Art Promotion Office when coordinating the shooting schedule with all individual designers and artists, while retaining a certain degree of flexibility with scheduling as all shooting locations are outdoors and rain contingency plans were inevitable.

Client :
Art Promotion Office

Year :

Topics :
#PublicArt #Community #Art #Architecture

Category :
#Interview #Drone #MotionGraphics


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