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City Inside a Broken Sky: Deep Night

Soundscape is a symphony orchestrated by Kung Chi Shing in the memory of Oi! while it is going through its second phase development.

Originally designed to be four live performances that involve the local community, due to the pandemic, it has taken a new creative transformation and become a video series. In each of the episodes, Kung would invite a local artist, musician or writer to collaborate with him to create a continuous narrative that addresses the changing landscape of Oil Street Art Space and Hong Kong with sound.

Our experienced production team has been involved since the early stage of creative and content development. We were also given the freedom to explore various storytelling techniques, such as imitating bird’s-eye view with drone FPV and adopt a more stylistic approach that resembles film noir to echo with the live music created and performed by Kung and his creative partners. The results were a true manifestation of a co-creation process. 

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