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Dare to Dream, Ready to Achieve

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is one of the world’s leading research institutes that attracts numerous students and scholars from around the world every year.

When the university’s Undergraduate Admissions Office invited us to create a series of promotional videos, we quickly reached an agreement to step away from the generic approach of stating the hard facts. Instead of listing out all the awards and academic achievements, together we came up with 5 different attributes, namely Vibrant, Entrepreneurial, Innovative, Daring and Global which we believed to be the definitive qualities of students in HKUST.

Despite its name, there is so much more than just science and technology in HKUST. We focused on the student’s aspirations, passion and motivation. By using motion graphics in the style of hand sketches, we also wanted to add a humanistic and creative touch to the overall narrative.

Client :
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Year :

Topics :
#Education #Dream #Innovation

Category :
#Branding #Animation #MotionGraphics

Collaborators :
IOIO Creative


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