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Dementia: Everylife is a song Documentary

"Every Life is a Song" is a campaign co-founded by music producers Vicky Fung and Yiu Fai Chow. They share the belief that music has the power to unite hearts, enabling each individual to discover their unique voice, express their thoughts, and create a unique song for everyone. This time, apart from creating music, they delved into a topic that affects society—dementia. They hoped to use music as a medium to capture and remember memories related to those who suffer from dementia.

The creation process, from inception and brainstorming to composition, practicing, and performing the live concert, along with participants' ideas and concepts, was documented in a documentary video produced collaboratively by Plate Creations and TaiKwun. The aim is to help the audience understand the needs of dementia patients and their caregivers, raising public awareness for those in need.

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