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I Often Dream Of the Mauritian Sky

Independent musician, Olivier Cong, took this colonial red brick building at Oi! to pay homage to his father's hometown, Mauritius, which was also once a British colony. From a personal and intimate point of view, Cong reviewed his own relationship with Hong Kong and asked the bigger question of where home is.

Accompanied by Cong Quartet (Francis Chik, Yip-wai Chow, Caleb Wong and Yan-ho Cheng), Olivier Cong recited a letter that depicted one’s train of thought over his home and origin. The string music mingled with the distorted rhythm from the synthesiser and immersed the space with the swing of moods.

When the music's over, Olivier stepped out of Oi! with his guitar and wandered along the busy streets of North Point. Through singing softly and playing the guitar with the city ambience sound, his doubts about home and identity have gradually been solved and merged into the city.

During the discussion with Olivier Cong on his creative project, our professional production team had adopted different music video formats to recreate the creative of Olivier Cong. Using only two long takes, we had overcome plenty of technical challenges to honor the artist’s composition with captivating visuals.  

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