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韓流是這樣煉成的 Koreanwave101

As one of the 12 grantees of 3rd HK Digital Advertising Start-ups X Publishing (Writers) Promotion Support Scheme, an initiative to support budding digital advertising agencies as well as local writers and publishers, we worked with author Cyrus Ng and Enrich Publishing Limited to create a promotional campaign for Cyrus’ latest book - 韓流是這樣煉成的!

The book has taken a thorough and in-depth study into the rising and development of Korean popular culture. In order to widen the book’s readership and establish Cyrus’ identity as a key leader in Korean culture, we have launched a multi-faceted campaign that involved social media management, video production, content creation, media acquisition and online event management.

To generate noise and arouse interest from the general public, we have produced a microfilm, inspired by Korean reality talent shows, featuring young performer and actor NY Chung and Locker Lam. In the film, NY and Locker were both competing for a trainee contract, but as the contest went on, they both found out talent wasn’t all it took to win the competition.

In addition to the microfilm, various video content including teasers and behind-the-scenes was prepared to support the promotion of the campaign. We also provided all-in-one services in community management, strategic social media ads placement, content creation and copywriting. We also revitalized the visual identity and developed several visual templates which made it easier for Cyrus to manage the social media himself after the campaign had ended.

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